Become an assistant in one of the 29 L’Arche communities in Canada!

An Exceptional Adventure !

Are you creative, responsible, open? We invite you to live with people with an intellectual disability. More than a job, we offer you an experience, an adventure, an apprenticeship that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Discover that every human life, limited though it may be, is worth celebrating.

L’Arche Antigonish
4 West St.
Antigonish, NS, B2G 1R8
Tel (902) 863-5000
Fax (902) 863-8224

A lively community with strong ties to St.Francis Xavier University and many student volunteers.


L'Arche Halifax
P.O. Box 22034, Bayer's Road, RPO
Halifax (NS) B3L 4T7
Tel: (902) 826-7050
Fax: (902) 468-2254

Cathy MacMillan

A new project in the heart of Halifax, it values the diversity of its multicultural and multiracial milieu.


L’Arche Cape Breton
3, L'Arche Lane
Whycocomagh, NS, B0E 3M0
Tel (902) 756-3162
Fax (902) 756-3381

A rural community valuing a simple life, authentic relationships, and solidarity.


L’Arche Homefires
10 Gaspereau Ave.
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2C2
Tel (902) 542-3520
Fax (902) 542-7686

Well-integrated in a small university city, the community operates a candlemaking and weaving workshop and store.

A place where hospitality is at the heart of life.

L'Arche Saint John
623 Lancaster Ave.
Saint John NB E2M 2M3
Tel: 506-672-6504

L'Arche d'Amos
42, rue Principale Sud
Amos, QC, J9T 3A5
Tel : 819.732.1265
Fax : 819.732.0367

A small community with a great network of friends in the Abitibi region.



L'Arche Beloeil
221, Bernard Pilon
Beloeil, QC, J3G 1V2
Tel (450) 446-1061
Fax (450) 446-2396

Much warmth, many artists, and much creativity, at the heart of la Montérégie region.



L'Arche Joliette
879, rue Saint-Louis
Joliette, QC, J6E 3A3
Tel : (1) 450.759.0408
Fax : (1) 450.759.0329

The most recently founded community in Quebec, its dynamism and creativity are striking.

L’Arche Agapè
19, rue Hanson
Gatineaul, QC, J8Y 3M4
Tel (819) 770-2000
Fax (819) 770-3907

A well-connected community with an innovative work program that serves the local population.



Authentic friendship is a precious gift. At L’Arche, people who have an intellectual disability teach us daily about the beauty of simple and true relationships lived without any pretense. Come and discover this experience yourself!


L’Arche Montréal
6115, rue Jogues
Montréal, QC, H4E 2W2
Tel (514) 761-7307
Fax (514) 761-0823

A bilingual community and a resource for persons in its neighbourhood who have an intellectual disability and would like to have the experience of community located in a culturally sophisticated city.


L’Arche l’Étoile
617, Christophe-Colomb Quest
Québec, QC, G1N 2K5
Tel (418) 527-8839
Fax (418) 527-8738

A community with strong traditions and a stable core of assistants and friends, close to the working poor in the most historic French city in North America.

Le Printemps
1375, Principale,
St Malachie, QC, G0R 3N0
Tel (418) 642-5785
Fax (418) 642-5799

A peaceful rural community in picturesque Beauce where life it good, known for its woodworking workshop.




An ideal size community for warm relationships and good communications, well-rooted in charming and historic city of Trois-Rivières.

L’Arche Mauricie
570 rue St Paul
Trois-Rivières, QC, G9A 1H8
Tel (819) 373-8781
Fax (819) 373-1910




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Consult the L'Arche Canada website

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L’Arche Arnprior
16 Edward St South, #103
Arnprior, ON, K7S 3W4
Tel (613) 623-7323
Fax (613) 623-9629

Arnprior A warm and secure milieu that permits all to discover their gifts and develop their talents.


L’Arche Daybreak
11339, Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON, L4S 1L1
Tel (905) 884-3454
Fax (905) 884-0580

A large, well-established community bringing together people of diverse cultures and religions, known for its creative workshops and beautiful spiritual centre.


A Place for Young People to Make a Difference

One of the unique features of L’Arche is the richness of its community life. You meet people of different origins and abilities who have a variety of different ethnic, religious and cultural traditions. Many young people come to spend a year in L’Arche as a way to deepen their social commitment.


L’Arche Toronto
186 Floyd Ave
Toronto, ON, M4J 2J1
Tel (416) 406-2869
Fax (416) 406-2539

A vibrant mid-sized community well integrated into Toronto's east-end Danforth and Riverdale neighbourhoods.  Unique Creative Arts Program promotes connection to other city groups and ventures.

L’Arche Hamilton
862, Main Street East
Hamilton ON L8M 1L9
Tel (905) 312-0162
Fax (905) 312-0165

Beautiful University City situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. The
inner-city community that is a Sign of Hope.


A Place to grow as a Human Being

L’Arche is a place to grow as a human being. Many of those who come to L’Arche discover that in their relationships with the people who have an intellectual disability they have come to know themselves better and to understand better the nature of human relationships.


L’Arche London
225, Whisperwood Ave.
London, ON, N6B 4E8
Tel (519) 641-2262
Fax (519) 641-8823

A small community that wants to be a sign of peace and reconciliation at the heart of London, Ontario.


L'Arche North Bay
590 Wyld Street
North Bay, ON, P1B 1Z7
Tel (705) 474-0081
Fax (705) 497-3447

A community dedicated to making known the gifts and contribution of people who have an intellectual disability, in beautiful northern Ontario.

L’Arche Ottawa
11 Rossland Ave.
Ottawa, ON , K2G 2K2
Tel (613)228-7136
Fax (613) 228-8829

Ottawa A bilingual community that is actively involved in the capital of Canada, promoting the values of L’Arche to the residents of the city.



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L’Arche Stratford
PO Box 522, St Main, Stratford, Ont.

488 Erie St.
Stratford, ON N5A 6T7
Tel : 519.271.9751
Fax : 519.271.1861

A rich community life of caring, intimate, family-like homes in Stratford, Ontario, a city renown for its cultural and artistic life.


L’Arche Sudbury
1173 Rideau Street
Sudbury, ON, P3A 3A5
Tel (705) 525-1015
Fax (705) 525-4448

A place to create friendships with some of the most vulnerable members of our society, in a busy northern Ontario city.

L’Arche Winnipeg
118 Regent Ave. East
Winnipeg, MB, R2C 0C1
Tel (204) 237-0300
Fax (204) 237-0316


Winnipeg Gateway to the West, the community of L’Arche Winnipeg is full of joy, of a joie de vivre and celebration that springs from the hearts of its members.

Revolutionary ?

People who have an intellectual disability are important for our society. They call us very clearly to become more human, more authentic and more open…they create a small revolution in each person's heart.

Bienvenue à L'Arche Canada!

An Experience of Personal Transformation

Discover a different way to live, and to weigh what is more and what is less important in life. You cannot come to L’Arche without taking the risk that you will be transformed. After several months of living with people who are different and often excluded, you will find that you have discovered a different way of seeing the world. Life becomes a little simpler, and also more joyful!


L'Arche Saskatoon Project
P. O. Box 23006
Saskatoon, SK

S7J 5H3
Tel (306) 262-7243


An exciting new project in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan, building friendships in the city of bridges.

L’Arche Calgary
307-57th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB, T2H 2T6
Tel (403) 571-0155
Fax (403) 255-1354

Calgary A vibrant L’Arche community involved in community development in Calgary and in teaching about intellectual disability in the educational system.


To find out more about the work as an assistant in L’Arche

Consult the L'Arche Canada website


L’Arche Edmonton (Shalom)
7708 83rd Street
Edmonton, AB, T6C 2Y8
Tel (780) 465-0618
Fax (780) 465-8091

A community focused around people from diverse cultures who share many talents. Recipient of numerous awards for excellence.


L'Arche Lethbridge
239, 12B Street North #5
Lethbridge, AB,T1H 2K8
Tel : 403.328.3735
Fax : 403.320.6737

Situé à 100km des Rocheuses

A community recognized as a model for the quality of its relationships and the support it provides, located in a small city in beautiful southern Alberta.

L’Arche Greater Vancouver
7401 Sussex Ave.
Burnaby, BC, V5J 3V6
Tel (604) 435-9544x30or34
Fax (604) 435-9560

A large community in a metropolis on the mountainous west coast of Canada, very engaged in social justice and interfaith dialogue in its milieu.


A Job That Is Not A Job

The work of an assistant does certainly consist of caring for people who are less autonomous. But it consists especially of being truly in a relationship with these people with whom you share daily life. When we have a real relationship with another person, the tasks that need to be done for the other person become small compared to what we receive from the relationship.


L'Arche Comox Valley
534 19th Street
Courtenay, BC, V9N 2B1
Tel (250) 334-8320
Fax (250) 334-8321

A small, warm community that benefits from a large network of friends, situated in a lovely town on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Come to L’Arche

With more than 130 communities in 30 countries around the world, L’Arche offers the opportunity to live a remarkable experience with people who have an intellectual disability in very different cultural contexts. Whether you spend a time in Canada or elsewhere in the world, the experience that you will live in L’Arche will change your outlook on life and on human relationships.