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Each day, Assistants have 2-3 hours off for personal time to rest, exercise, socialize or just take time for oneself.   Personal time is most often taken in the afternoon, after the needs of the home have been met.   In a typical week, you will also have one to two days off and one weekend off per month.   During days and weekends off, Assistants may leave their home and community to do what they wish.

Yes—you can find inspirational videos on this site by following this link.

A person with an intellectual disability is just as fully a person as anyone else.  He or she has the same range of likes and dislikes and character traits as any other person.  Everyone has some limitations.  People with intellectual disabilities have limitations in their ability to learn and perform daily tasks. Some may have other physical or emotional challenges.  L’Arche believes that people with intellectual disabilities have important contributions to make to others and contributions that help us to understand ourselves and others better, helping to humanize our society.

Yes— L’Arche Assistants receive salary and extended health care benefits with salary varying slightly across the country.  L’Arche salaries are in line with similar positions in the non-profit sector.

Some Assistants who come to live in L’Arche may have already had experience working with persons with intellectual disabilities, but most have not.  We ask that Assistants come with a desire to share life together in a community setting alongside and with persons with intellectual disabilities.  We are committed to providing quality training and formation for Assistants.

L’Arche’s first belief is in the sacredness and unique value of every individual.  From its beginnings, L’Arche was built on respect and the valuing of difference.  L’Arche has its roots in the Christian faith tradition, but it is not considered a religious organization. As L’Arche has developed and grown over 50 years, our spirituality remains rooted in faith with an openness to diversity.  Our communities welcome persons from all faith backgrounds, and some who would not identify with any spiritual or religious tradition.

The foundational experience of a L’Arche Assistant is one in which you live in a home with Core Members (persons with intellectual disabilities) and other Assistants. 

If you are not able to live in one of our homes, there are other ways to experience L’Arche through being a volunteer or friend of the community.