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Application Form for Applicants

Who are Not Canadian Citizens or

Permanent Residents of Canada

Thank you for your interest in L’Arche Communities in Canada. 

L’Arche Canada has welcomed Assistants from around the world and we have valued the richness and diversity international Assistants have brought to our communities.  Please be aware that it has become more difficult over the years for our communities to welcome international Assistants due to restrictions in Canadian immigration visa regulations.

Please review the following before completing an application.

International Applicants are responsible for their own visa and travel cost

  • Applicants must be proficient in English or French (written and spoken)
  • We often recommend that international applicants first gain an experience of serving in a L’Arche community in or near their home country or elsewhere within L’Arche international before their application would be considered in Canada.
  • As a live-in Assistant, you will typically live with 5-7 other people in a home.
  • Our model integrates living and working and therefore, responsibilities extend beyond typical workplace hours with personal time built into the structure of each day.
  • Assistants support Core Members (persons with intellectual disabilities) with personal care and support in daily activities.
  • You will be expected to do a share of the housework including: cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping.
  • All L’Arche communities have a spiritual dimension.  We expect Assistants to be open to and supportive of each other’s spirituality and our community practices.
  • Community life in L’Arche will include attending community meetings, events, trainings, and formations.

Please have your CV or Resume ready as you will be asked to upload your CV or Resume as the final step of completing the application form.  Applications without a CV or resume will not be accepted

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 Applications are accepted  4-5 months in advance of ideal start date.

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For how long would you like to be an Assistant? *

Note that we only accept international applicants who are willing to commit for a full one year.  Applications for less than one year will not be accepted.

Geographic of community preferences

Often, the L’Arche Canada Recruitment Coordinator will match candidates with a location based on need and timing.  Please list any geographic or community preferences below, and indicate reasons for your preference.

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If yes, please indicate the name of the community, dates, and the nature of your experience in the box provided.

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