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Assistants Profiles

Sabine is a member of L’Arche in the beautiful setting of Cape Breton. Experience community with her as she describes her life with the members of her home, especially Maggy Rose.
Listen to Elisabeth's testimony from L'Arche Joliette, Quebec: “Living in community means sharing our happiness, our sadness, our moments of craziness..."
Peter returned to L’Arche Antigonish after being away for 16 years. Learn how he rediscovered his relationship with Heather, and how he is building new relationships in his community.
Akech came to L’Arche Winnipeg in June 2015 after completing her BA in Psychology with a minor in theology from Canadian Mennonite University. Akech came to L’Arche because of two of her passions—community and supporting persons with intellectual disabilities.
I loved my experiences of living in a L’Arche home and dedicating myself to being with people. But, as time progressed I realized that I have gifts that I could and I want to use.