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 Who We Are

At L’Arche, people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, and learn together creating communities of friendship and belonging. We foster mutual relationships, celebrate the unique value of every person, and strive for a world where everyone can belong and contribute.
L’Arche is a worldwide network of 149 communities in 38 countries that include 5,000 men and women with intellectual disabilities and thousands of Assistants who support them.
Our communities are made up of homes where Core Members (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and Assistants share life together. In addition, many communities run work programs or daytime activity programs.
L’Arche has a distinct spirit where persons with intellectual disabilities (Core Members) and Assistants truly share life “with” one another.
Fifty years ago a young Canadian, Jean Vanier, was searching for his life’s purpose. When he was in France, Jean met Raphael Simi and Philippe Seux, two men with intellectual disabilities.
A philosopher, a writer, and an advocate, Jean Vanier has shared with the world what he has learned about the value of community, the gifts of all people and a hope for a more human society.
L'Arche Canada's Recruitment Co-ordinator will work with you to find a “best fit” community for you to join as an Assistant.
There are 149 L’Arche communities in 38 countries around the world. There is opportunity for Assistants who begin their L’Arche career in a Canadian community to move to communities in other countries.